Psychosocial Counsellor - College Level

Gems HS School
Location: Nepal
Salary:As Per Organization's Rule
Posted Date: 2019-07-25 Deadline: 2019-07-28
  • Location : Nepal
  • Qualification Degree : Requires at least a Master's degree from a reputed university in counseling psychology and two years working experience in similar field.
  • Salary : As Per Organization's Rule
  • Category : Counselling
  • Nature : Full Time
Job Description

We are looking for a Full Time Psychosocial Counselor to provide a specialist and comprehensive psychological counseling  to assist students in achieving more effective personal, social, educational, health  and vocational development as well as adjustment. As an ideal candidate for this post you are obliged to assess and evaluate student’s psychology through the use of tools and techniques and to provide a wide array of counseling services. You will be offering psychological interventions to those seeking or requiring help with personal and academic problems affecting their mental health, emotional and psychological functioning and wellbeing.

Qualifications: Requires at least a Master's degree from a reputed university in counseling psychology and two years working experience in similar field.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Be familiar with the general environment of the institution that incorporates the rules, regulations, guidelines and various codes of conducts.

  1. Rigorously guide, assist and coach students in the areas of holistic education program such as academic/extra curricular or clubs achievement, personal/ social development and career development.
  2. Providing aid to students who are experiencing family, academic or emotional distress leading poor performance; violating codes of conduct, exhibiting negative behavior/ attitude/perception/frustration and involvement in antisocial activities like drugs, theft, assault, harassment, racism, vandalism, abuse, bullying etc.
  3. Establishing a collaborative working relationship with the students, senior management, program coordinators, ECA instructors and core committee of club members to attain mutual goals by aligning GIHE values and clubs guidelines.
  4. Advise students on how they could be helped by counselling and provide them constructive feedback and enormous support at times so as to promote healthy competition and participation.
  5. Must be able to take one to one counselling sessions, parents- counselor meetings and interviews. Therefore, necessary action plan be formulated realistically in order to resolve the particular issues or concerns.
  6. Analyze data such as interview notes, test results to understand and identify the nature of student’s/club members problems and evaluating their academic/non-academic performance.
  7. Backing up students in relation to their improvements regarding attitude, behavior, character or academics to regain their revoked position/club membership.
  8. Undertaking assessments and formulating a psychological explanation of the student issues or difficulties.
  9. Select, administer and interpret psychological tests to assess intelligence, aptitudes, abilities or interest.
  10. Design a learning improvement plan for students failing to meet academic/non-academic requirements.
  11. Ensuring the activities and actions of one club doesn’t hamper another club; rather produce synergy by excelling together.
  12. Producing reports and issuing clearance for getting back to classes and clubs after corrective interventions.
  13. Refer students to specialists or to another institutions for non-counselling treatment of problems.
  14. Conduct research to develop and continuously improve diagnostic or therapeutic counseling techniques.

Important Skills

  1. Having excellent observation and listening abilities with proper attention to detail.
  2. Have abilities to understand student needs, feelings and emotions.
  3. Being aware of others reaction and understand the reasons for happening.
  4. A good communication skill to convey the information effectively.
  5. A good interpersonal relationships with students and all the members of staff.
  6. Observing and obtaining information of individuals from all the relevant sources and maintain student’s confidentiality.
  7. Critically analyzing and evaluating i.e. Using logic and reasoning to justify.
  8. Have strong ethics, morale, patience, respect and tolerance.
  9. Actively look ways to help students in all the respects.
  10. Motivating and directing students to change their minds or behavior as per the academic and extracurricular or club activities requirements.
  11. Planning, organizing and prioritizing various therapy treatment programs.
  12. Monitoring and evaluating the progress of students who are undergoing the therapy.
  13. Have Problem solving, active learning, persuading and decision making skills.
  14. Have the ability to manage time of oneself and others.

Knowledge and competencies

  1. Therapy and counseling: Knowledge of principles, methods and procedures for diagnosis, treatment of physical and mental dysfunctions and career counseling and guidance.
  2. Psychology: Knowledge of human behavior and performance; individual difference in ability, personality, interests, learning and motivation, psychological research methods and the assessment and treatment of behavioral and affective disorders.
  3. Sociology and Anthropology: Knowledge of group behavior and dynamics, societal trend and influences, ethnicity and culture.
  4. Education and training: Knowledge of principles and methods for curriculum and design, instructions for students and the measurement of training effects.
  5. Philosophy and Theology: Knowledge of different philosophical systems and religions that includes basic principles, values, ethics, customs, practices, way of thinking and their impact on human culture.
  6. English language and comprehensible proficiency.
  7. Law and Government: Knowledge of law, legal codes, government regulations etc.

Apply Instructions

Interested candidates may apply online via a downloadable form, which must be completed and sent to the Director at or dropped in person at the school office latest by July 28, 2019 (Shrawan 12, 2076). Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for the recruitment process.


Employee Application Form

This Job is expired. The Company is no longer accepting applications for this position.

Organization Summary

GEMS Institute of Higher Education, the higher section of Graded English Medium School (GEMS), was established in 2008 with the prime objective of providing higher level education from Pre-university to Masters level degree courses. Currently, we offer GCE A Level, a prestigious degree programme of the Cambridge University, the UK and Plus 2 in Science under the affiliation with Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB), Nepal. We also offer Bachelor of Science (BS) programme under the affiliation with Angeles University Foundation (AUF), the Philippines. The BS degree is a pre-requisite course for Doctor of Medicine (MD) in the Philippines. Our students join Angeles University for MD upon completion of BS with us.

The higher education facilities are located within the campus of the main complex of the high school at Khumaltar, Dhapakhel, which is 1.5 kilometer away from Sat Dobato, Lalitpur.

Industry Type Education - School & College
Location Dhapakhel, Lalitpur
Organization Size 50-100
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