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Location: Nepal
Salary: Negotiable
Posted Date: 2016-10-26 Deadline: 2016-11-02
  • Location : Nepal
  • Working Position : Entry Level
  • Qualification Degree : Master's Degree
  • Salary : Negotiable
  • Category : NGO / INGO / Social work
  • Nature : Full Time
Job Description

The main objective of obtaining services from the Consultant Geologists is to assist the NRA to carry out multi-hazard risk assessments in the 18 earthquake-affected districts. Input from the consultant geologist would ensure the adoption of an acceptable level of risk for proposed settlements in earthquake-affected areas.

 The assessment will be undertaken in accordance with the NRA Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment methodology to ensure a consistent approach. Training on the methodology will be provided by the NRA prior to the commencement of the assessments.  The methodology focuses on four principle areas: liquefaction, ground amplification, landslides, river/ stream flooding and flash flooding.

 It is anticipated that the assessments will be undertaken in teams of three, comprising of a Geologist/Engineering Geologist, a Soil and Watershed Management expert and a Water Induced Disaster Management expert. The team will be led by the Geologist/Engineering Geologist who will be responsible for conducting and reporting the assessment. The NRA will be responsible for identifying which villages and settlements will be assessed by each team.

 The specific objectives of the assignment are to:

  1. Access the risk from geo-hazards in the specific locations of earthquake-affected districts.
  2. Complete the NRA Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment for each village and settlement allocated to the team to assess feasibility of reconstruction, or determine if relocation is required
  3. Provide a short report with a summary of recommendations on the significance of the hazards present, the elements of the community that are threatened and their vulnerability, further studies or investigations required and remediation/intervention measures that are considered appropriate.

Application Submission Deadline: November 2, 2016, 5 pm.  Click Here for details of Terms of References and other information.

Candidates from disadvantaged communities, women and with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply. HERD International reserves the right to accept and reject applications.


Job Description


The Consultant is expected to accomplish the following tasks as broadly indicated herein:

  1. Attend a training course in the NRA Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment methodology.
  2. Undertake a desk study of the locations to be assessed to gather the necessary background on the geology and other relevant information prior to undertaking the fieldwork. This will include a review of previously undertaken studies of earthquake-induced landslide-affected villages with similar geological/topographical conditions.
  3. Travel to allocated locations to undertake assessment of geo-hazards (seismic (including liquefaction), landslides, flooding and flash flood potential) in relation to geology of the area giving due consideration to homes, schools, critical infrastructure and livelihoods to determine the exposure and vulnerability of the community.
  4. Conduct interviews with local residents to understand their concerns and to obtain local information in the location and timing of landslides, tension cracking and floods that may no longer be visible on the ground.
  5. Assess the correlations between the instabilities and geology (rock type, soil type), topography (slopes), land-use, hydrology (seepages, groundwater, rainfall) and determine the most significant factors responsible for causing the instabilities.
  6. Complete the approved NRA Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment methodology for each site including all the appropriate checklists and forms.
  7. Prepare a report including a plan showing the identified hazards in relation to the village/settlement and recommendations for intervention.
  8. Complete a Risk Evaluation for each village/settlement to determine the risk and the appropriate response for each of the hazards identified to allow the NRA and other agencies to determine if the village/settlement can be reconstructed or moved to another location.
  9. Make any other recommendations (safer locations) that support the above objective that will help to create a safer living environment.

This Job is expired. The Company is no longer accepting applications for this position.

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