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Job Position   :   Psychosocial Counselor In-Charge  

Job Location:Dolakha District
Documents Required : CV (Resume)
Job Category:NGO / INGO / Social work
Job Type:Full Time
Educational Qualification:-
Posted Date:2018-01-11
Expiry Date:2018-01-15 - Expired
Job Description:


  1. Ability to provide and lead psychosocial counseling as outlined above: We are looking for someone who has past experience in clinical and counseling settings. The person should be able to provide psychosocial counseling, coordinate care, and communicate with primary care providers.
  2. Problem solving and entrepreneurship: We need a team member who is innovative and resourceful and will contribute to improving our care delivery model and systems. Team member should be able to work both independently as well as in a team setting.
  3. Ability to work with a diverse team: The Psychosocial Counselor in charge will be working in collaboration with the Medical team, Community Health team, and Impact team. We are looking for a team member who is capable of working with a diverse group of people from both clinical and non-clinical backgrounds.  
  4. A strong motivation and ability to live and work in remote Nepal: This position is fully based in Dolakha.
  5. Fluency in written and spoken English, and high-level fluency in Nepali: You must be fluent in both Nepali and English.

Preferred qualifications:

  1. Formal training in Counseling. Applicants with a health background (e.g. Health Assistants with counseling training) will be preferred.
  2. Three to five years of experience in Health and counseling setting.

Management Structure:

  • Reports To: Medical Director
  • Direct Reports: Psychosocial counselors
  • Dotted Line Reports: none

Big 3 Responsibilities:

  1. Provide direct psychological care as a Mental Health Counselor
  2. Oversee the functioning of psychosocial counseling of Mental Health Program
  3. Support the management structure of the hospital as a member of senior management

 Areas of Responsibility (AoRs):

1. Provide direct psychological care as a Mental Health Counselor

  • Perform psychosocial counseling as indicated for patients with mental illness or distress at Charikot Hospital understanding roles responsibilities and workflows of the collaborative model
  • Enter assessment information about patients into the health record and discuss care with the psychiatrists
  • Provide psychosocial counseling as part of inpatient, outpatient, and emergency care as appropriate. This will include individual and group cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, problem-solving therapy, relaxation therapy and motivational enhancement therapy
  • Coordinate with clinicians to provide the best psychosocial care
  • Rigorously document all services provided and convey them to the primary care clinicians.
  • Participate in public health and clinical programs designed by Possible
  • Provide case management for patients who have particular challenges meeting basic needs and accessing appropriate healthcare due to, and not limited to, severe mental illness, significant social stressors, and severe physical co-morbidities.

2.     Oversee the functioning of psychosocial counseling of Mental Health Program

  • Ensure that patients are being referred appropriately and those who are referred are receiving care in a timely and compassionate manner.
  • Participate in case-conferences with supervising psychiatrists (off-site, online) and on-site clinicians to discuss difficult cases and ongoing supervision for evidence-based mental health care delivery
  • Ensure case conferences are on time following the best practices.
  • Oversee the staffing (e.g. ensuring that PSC services are available as needed by maintaining the presence of PSC staff).
  • Ensure coordination with Community Health Program for follow-up of patients with mental health illness by community health workers

3.     Support the management structure of the hospital as a member of senior management

  • Lead and participate in mortality and morbidity conferences
  • Ensure a culture of continuous quality improvement: lead and participate in organization-wide quality improvement initiatives
  • Participate in online MH module training for providers, and implementation research activities involving these modules, working with the Impact team.
  • Provide training and clinical supervision for community health workers in community-based psychosocial services.
  • Know and follow hospital operating guidelines in all operations; improve and write new SOPs as needed
  • Participate as a member of hospital senior management being on time in morning meetings, in-charge meetings, medical and general staff meetings and other committees and working groups as required.

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