Development Associate

Location: Nepal
Salary: Negotiable
Posted Date: 2015-12-22 Deadline: 2016-01-05
  • Nos. of Opening : 108
  • Location : Nepal
  • Working Position : Entry Level
  • Qualification Degree : Certificate Level / +2
  • Salary : Negotiable
  • Category : NGO / INGO / Social work
  • Nature : Full Time
Job Description

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This Job is expired. The Company is no longer accepting applications for this position.

Organization Summary

USAID plays a critical role in our nation’s effort to  stabilize countries and build responsive local governance; we work on the same problems as our military using a different set of tools. We also ease the transition between conflict and long-term development by investing in agriculture, health systems and democratic institutions. And while USAID can work in active conflict, or help countries transition from violence, the most important thing we can do is prevent conflict in the first place. This is smarter, safer and less costly than sending in soldiers.

USAID invests in ideas that work to improve the lives of millions of  men, women and children by:
  • Investing in agricultural productivity  so countries can feed their people
  • Combating maternal and child  mortality and deadly diseases like  HIV, malaria and tuberculosis
  • Providing life-saving assistance in the  wake of disaster
  • Promoting democracy, human rights and good governance around  the world
  • Fostering private sector development  and sustainable economic growth
  • Helping communities adapt to a changing environment
  • Elevating the role of women and girls throughout all our work
Industry Type NGO / INGO / Social Work
Location -
Organization Size 1-10
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