Job 2019-07-26 14:53:04

Most of us might not be clear whether the work that we are doing is our career or our job. However, they are two different things and there are a number of distinguishing factors that differentiate one from the other. Career will allow you to gain skills over time and you will be promoted to higher posts in the company. You will feel a sense of achievement and fulfillment at the end of the day. Whereas, in a job you will be stuck doing the work which doesn’t provide as much skill development as in a career. A job will help you pay the rent and fulfill daily necessities but doesn’t provide a sense of achievement in life.

Career provides experience and valuable knowledge and skills whereas, a job provides no experience and opportunity of developing skills but does ensure timely paychecks. This is a risk that people take when following their dreams. Having a job ensures that you have money at the end of the day but the same cannot be said about career because it requires you to take high risks. People who choose career are the people who are not motivated with paychecks and monetary benefits. Following your passion can be less productive on the money side but it is fulfilling since you enjoy doing your job. You won’t be tired of working long hours and going to work. Moreover, people who construct their careers and follow their passion work with a mindset that their work today is going to have certain effects on their future and put more effort into their work.

Chasing your dreams is not easy but is fulfilling. Money might not be everything but you need money to do the things you love. So you need to find something that you are passionate about in what you can earn a living. How fat your paycheck is doesn’t matter more than how fulfilled you feel at the end of the day.

To make it clear as to why following your passion is more important than being stuck in a dead end job which doesn’t provide any opportunity for development, let’s go through the following reasons,

  • When you choose your job or career for the wrong reasons, you will be stuck doing the tasks that you hate and will be miserable at work. Following your passion while choosing your job or career will keep you motivated to work and you will not hate going to work every day.
  • When you follow your passion, no obstacle will stop you from achieving the goals. No problems will be big enough to distract you from fulfilling all the goals that you have set.
  • You will be more motivated to work hard when you do something you love. You learn new things and aren’t reluctant to put in extra hours in your work when needed.
  • You’d have more energy and creativity to offer to your work when you follow your passion and choose a career. You find new and creative ways to complete tasks when you love your work but when you’re stuck in a dead end job, you will lose your creative streak in solving problems and completing tasks.