CV/Resume Writing Workshop for Freshers

By: Ramrojob and Blue Sheep Management Consultants

No. of Seats: 40

Remaining Seats: 12

Price: 300

Training Start: 2019-03-23

Apply By: 2019-03-20

Training Description

CV writing Workshop for Job Candidates like you

(A joint collaboration of Ramrojob and Blue Sheep Management Consultants)

Do you know 98 percent of CVs are rejected in the initial recruitment process because of bad presentation?  

You might have earned good grades in college, have good skills required for a particular job or have already accomplished number of achievements in your career. You might have always failed to include key information about you at the right sections of your C.  You might have failed to understand what “ first impression is last impression” really means. And you might have ended up applying to a lot of companies that didn’t bother to even call you for an interview.

Join the CV writing workshop and learn to make your CV stand out and increase your chances of hearing from your potential recruiter.

Training Benefits

After the workshop you will be able to:

  • Realize frequent mistakes you make in your CV

  • Write a precise CV with complete and meaningful information

  • Develop a roadmap for writing an impactful resume

  • Articulate your interests and accomplishments well in any resume

  • Present your CV in a professional manner

  • Learn tips to customize your CV as per specific job vacancy

  • Inform and aware your classmates, colleagues and friends about effective CV writing


Signup online or do send us an email to or Apply Online to secure your seat for this exciting workshop!


Remember the date and time: Chaitra 9, 2075, Saturday , 10.00- 12.00

Venue: Apex College


(Networking session over coffee should be a great way to make new friends and expand your PR )