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Nepal Hypnosis Pvt. Ltd. provides complete care of psychosocial health by using alternative healing techniques, such as, integrated clinical hypnotherapy, healing touch, Gestalt psychotherapy, psychosocial counseling, past life regression, age regression, inner child healing, creative movement therapy (CMT / DMT), crystal healing, aura healing, neuro linguistic programming (NLP), emotional empowerment technique (EET), emotional freedom technique (EFT), redikall healing and more. We emphasize on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. 
The major objectives of NH are as follows:
  • To conduct trainings, seminars, workshops on alternative healing techniques related to psychosocial health.
  • To conduct researches in order to identify the causes of mental and psychological problems, understand their impact on the society, and  find out their remedies.
  • To use the alternative healing techniques and increase social awareness on these methods.
  • To inspire the society for providing appropriate care to people suffering from psychosocial problems. 
  • To build partnerships with the national and international organizations that have similar objectives.

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Industry Type Pharmaceutical / Healthcare
Location Bhat Bhateni, Dhalku, Kathmandu
Organization Size 1-10