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MixERP Inc. is an open source software development company focusing on small and medium enterprises. Started as an open source project in 2013, we have been delivering quality software solutions globally.

Our business revolves around the open source philosophy. Above 90% of our work is released as open source projects. Operating from Kathmandu, MixERP delivers the highest possible code quality for the lowest possible cost for your project. This is partly because the developer cost in Nepal is comparatively lower and partly because we are just awesome!

Work Culture in MixERP MixERP Inc. understands that the success of our company is directly related to employee satisfaction. For that, we continuously try to improve our work culture. It helps us remain happy and highly productive. The following points outline the MixERP philosophy:
- Because you're awesome. Yes, you are!
- We listen to you. Your ideas matter!
- You will learn and teach. We'll learn together!
- You are the boss. You are also the boss!
- We believe that the work should be fun. It is fun!
- We believe that the workplace is your first home. It's the place where you spend most of your time. And it's the place where you should remain happy, growing, and motivated.
- We are middle-management free. No one's special, everyone's special!
- You can implement your own ideas and work in your own way.
- We are a team, but we work independently most of the time.
- We eat together in the office.
- We go outing at least 3-4 times a year.
- We invest in your training.
- We together contribute to make the office a better place for us.
MixERP Inc. is always willing to welcome A-Level talents who can breathe a new life in our offerings and bring smile to our customers.

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Industry Type Information Technology / Software
Location Pepsicola, Purano Sinamangal
Organization Size 20-50