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Bhandari Brothers is proud to serve Nepalese Community with our outstanding service and value. Our objectives have always been to create a homely environment so as to restore our culture and beliefs, though far from thousands nautical miles. Our effort to bridge the gap has been appreciated by our own community for a long time. 9 year ago we started our service with very few Nepalese customers. But today we are in-between every Nepalese Individual here in United Kingdom. Besides our regular service, we have been the part of various socio-cultural activities.

Our involvement to various charity works and other social and cultural activities is highly admired by all the Nepalese community around the world. Our close association with various organisations including the Non-Residential Nepalese (NRN) provide us the strength and encouragement towards the unity and betterment. Thus our involvement towards every aspect of Nepalese society reflects our responsibility and desire to achieve the goal.

Bhandari Brothers is committed to embracing the diversity and becoming the employer of distinction by treating all our employees and customers as individuals; with respect, honesty and fairness. We have been able to create our own space in competitive remittance field.



  • We aim to provide our clients with outstanding personalised service and value for their money offering the very best possible exchange rates.
  • To provide a secure, reliable and convenient way to send money to Nepal and Hong Kong.
  • We strives to achieve best practice in remittance service and to be a sincere corporate.
  • We seek to be innovative in order to provide the highest level of customer service.


Bhandari Brothers Ltd as a business is sound and fit for the purpose to carry out its services. We have been time to time complemented by various other businesses regarding our quality of service and business standards.

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Industry Type Finance Company
Location Kathamandu, Newroad
Organization Size 20-50