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We are BATAS, a group that takes pride in being 'rich in commitment'. Committed to professionalism, committed to customer care and committed to ethical business practices.

The roots of our organization is humble and the growth organic. We believe in growing with the people's trust in us. BATAS first made its name in automobiles and slowly extended itself into banking (hire-purchase), remittance, energy, leasing management, and travel and tours. BATAS boasts 11 subsidiary companies looking after different interests.

In the course of our expansion, we have been able to harness global partnership with international brands. BATAS is the sole distributor of Volvo Eicher, Fiat, Petronas, Globatt, and Himal Remit. We are also the regional dealer for Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra, and TVS. Our remit company has a strong network of 2400 nodes allover the country. We have given direct employment to about 500 people, and indirect employment to tens of thousands.

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Industry Type Automobiles and Parts
Organization Size 1-10