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ArEiCon Pvt. Ltd. stands as acronym of Architecture, Engineering & Construction is a private limited company established in 2014 under the Company Act of Nepal, 1993 by multidisciplinary experts. It is a multi-disciplinary firm committed to excellence in the field of design & facility development. Firm specializes in architecture, engineering, & interiors, with complete 2D & 3D Computer Aided Design capabilities.

With our motto “Inspiring Infrastructures …” at ArEiCon we look upon the process of designing as an open multi-disciplinary approach involving active participation and interaction with the client’s right from the inception to execution, complimented with inputs from the related fields. Simulated 2D and 3D presentations form an important exercise giving a clear picture of the progress and thus ensure the best of results. Use of the state-of-the-art technologies enable to deliver on time and over distances. Working with clients on the front end, we help establish realistic design and development programs to meet the current needs of clients & provide for their future growth, helping to ensure their success. Often, this understanding of exactly what it is clients do generates design, concepts & spaces that not only fit the requirements, but also mirror the philosophies & qualities unique to each client.

Team ArEiCon has been actively taking part in post earthquake constructions, trainings and researches. Team consists of qualified engineers, architects and personnals from various fields.

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Industry Type Architecture / Interior Designing
Location Jwagal-10, Lalitpur
Organization Size 20-50