Justice and Human Rights Specialist Entry Level

Governance Facility Nepal
Salary: Negotiable
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  • Nos. of Opening :
  • Working Position : Entry Level
  • Qualification Degree : Master's Degree
  • Salary : Negotiable
  • Job Category : Development Work/Consulting Service
Job Description

Job Profile


Justice and Human Rights Specialist(National)

Governance Facility Nepal


1.      Background

The Embassy of Denmark/Danida, Embassy of Switzerland/SDC and UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) in Nepal have developed a joint Governance Facility (GF) to manage a coherent, harmonized and coordinated multi-donor support aimed at enhancing governance efforts in Nepal. The GF administers four inter-related programme componentsduringv the five-year period 2014-2018:


1.      Peace building and Democratic Development

2.      Access to Justice

3.      Human Rights Promotion and Protection

4.      Voice and Accountability.


2.      The Programme

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3.      Main purpose of the job


  • Reporting to the Head of Programme (HoP), the Justice and Human Rights Specialistis tasked to build capacity of the GF programme and partners supported under it in relation to access to justice and human rights, supports implementation of the programme and assists in identification of additional intervention areas pertaining to human rights and justice  areas. The tasksinclude:
  • Providing advice and recommendations on human rights and justice issues to be applied across the GF programme;
  • Assist International Governance Advisor on peace building and governance issues liaising with national counter parts and bridging between the GF team and the Nepali stakeholders.  
  • Delivering technical assistance to GF team, partners, state and non-state, across the relevant components onjustice and human rightsissues.
  • Conducting informal dialogues with political parties, relevant government authorities and civil society leaders. Create dialogue forums coordinating with Governance Advisor (PBA) and Head of the Program (HoP);
  • Ensuring human rights and justiceconsiderations in various dimensions of programme implementation, as required, and building the GF programme’s staff capacity to mainstream these elements in the work under the components.


4.      The specific responsibilities of the Justice and Human Rights Specialist include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing strategic adviceunder the guidance of the HoP and international advisor, on issues related to human rights, justice, peaceand rule of lawthat may require decisions by the GF Steering Committee.
  • Collaborating with Senior Partnership Managers (SPMs) and otherspecialists/advisers to facilitate, if required, joint delivery of the thematic inputs/support to the projects and partnerships supported across the components, including technical input and assistance to management and coordination efforts of work in relation to initiatives such as those pertaining to peace, human rights, Constitution, gender-based violence, community mediation, legal aid, transitional justiceetc.Concrete tasks related to implementation and management of such initiatives, as required.
  • Build strategic relationship with government agencies, political parties and key civil society leaders and facilitate/conduct dialogue on regular basis on key strategic issues together with HoP and international advisor.
  • Providing quality assurance on all tasks related to the Constitution implementation, human rights and A2J efforts, within GF and externally, in capacity building efforts with partners.
  • Working closely with M&ESpecialist and SPMs to create indicators and database to enable periodic progress reporting by SPMs on issues related to peace, justice and human rights.
  •  In collaboration with relevant colleagues, conducting ongoing analysis of developments in Nepal related to human rights, justice and rule of law, which may impact on GF’s interventions and diplomatic efforts of the contributing GF partners.
  • Identifying windows of opportunity to further develop the programme/components from the perspective of peace, rights andrule of lawconsiderations.
  • Monitoring progress of the programme and partnerships in achieving human rights and A2J targets.
  • Undertaking regular field monitoring of activities of partners to gauge their progress in achieving the projecttargets.
  • Contributing to preparation of progress reports by SPMs from the perspective of progress by partners in internalizing and mainstreaming rights and justice issues in implementation of their partnerships. 
  • Working closely with SPMs, other specialists/advisers and the Management to create peace, human rights and A2J-related synergies among the four programme components.
  • Facilitating reviews and meetings between, on the one hand, present and potential  partners as well as other Nepali stakeholders
  • Providing specific advice to partners on their annual work plans and budgets in relation to access to justice and human rights- programming.
  • Undertaking any other assignments as delegated by the Head of the Programme.


The deliveryof the technical assistance and the performance of the Justice and Human Rights Specialist will be evaluated in connection with regular scheduled reviews of the GF. Annual staff performance assessment of the Justice and Human Rights Specialistis conducted by the Head of Programme.


5.      Required qualifications and experiences

  • The Justice and Human Rights Specialist will have:
  • At least Master´s degree in law or other relevant subject.
  • At least 10 – 15 years of experiences on justice, rule of law, Constitution building and human rightsfrom reputed national and international organizations;
  • Substantial practical knowledge and experience with the justice sector and human rights area in Nepal. Experience from delivery of justice sector, human rights and/or governance programmes.
  • Excellent communication and facilitation skills, representational capabilities are essential.
  • Extensive theoretical knowledge and practical experience of Project Cycle Management and the administration of development programmes and projects.
  • Solid work experience with both government entities and civil society organizations in Nepal.
  • Strong conceptual and analytical skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to interact at political, policy and technical levels.
  • Fluency in English and strong writing skills.
  • A good knowledge of current political developments in Nepal.

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