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Job Position   :   Professional Cleaner  

Experience:Minimum 1 year of cleaning experience at house, offices, hotels or serviced apartments.
Documents Required : CV (Resume)
Job Category:Others
Job Type:Full Time
Educational Qualification:Minimum 6th grade
Posted Date:2017-10-10
Expiry Date:2017-10-16 - Expired
Job Description:

Job Title – Professional cleaner

Minimum Requirements for Interview

  1. Gender – Female
  2. Education – Minimum 6th grade
  3. Age – 20 to 30
  4. Weight – Maximum 55kg
  5. Height – Minimum 5 ft.
  6. Experience – Minimum 1 year of cleaning experience at house, offices, hotels or serviced apartments.

Company Policies


Working hours is 8 per day. Sometimes, it might be extra work for maximum 1 hour. We don’t pay for overtime but we do compensate it by sending earlier in the time of less work. Cleaning time will be flexible. It starts from 7:00 am, 8:00 am, 9:00 am, and 11:00 am.


Weekly holiday will not be always on the fix day.

Job Sites

  • Job site might be changed. Sometime it will be fixed as per the customer request or by the supervisor.
  • Need to travel via public transportation to complete the duty.
  • Maximum 2 different sites per day.
  • Minimum 2 cleaner will be deployed to complete a job.

Selection Process

Selection process is divided into 3 stages:

  1. 7 days trial
  2. 1 month trial
  3. 3 months’ probation period.

Company can discontinue the cleaner in anytime within the selection stages.

After completion of 3 month probation period, she will be permanent staff of CE Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. (Nuza Cleaning)

Salary and Increment

  • Twice a year evaluation.
  • Maximum chances of increment per year is 25 percent.
  • If someone is fired by the company, she will get 2 months’ salary. (Applicable to only permanent staffs)


  • Food allowance NPR.100 will be provided per day if the cleaner works outside of Nuza Cleaning office.
  • Dashain Bonus will be provided to the permanent staffs which is double salary.
  • Transportation allowance will be provided which is equivalent to 15 ltrs of petrol to the cleaner who works outside of Nuza Cleaning office.
  • 18 days paid leave will be provided per year to the staffs.

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This job is expired.

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