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Job Position   :   Cutting Technician  

Job Location:Bhaisepati Lalitpur
No. of Vacancies:1
Job Category:Manufacturing / Production
Job Type:Full Time
Job Level:Entry Level
Educational Qualification:N/A
Posted Date:2017-05-15
Expiry Date:2017-8-15 - 53 Days Left
Job Description:

1.      Layout production pattern pieces for cutting.

a.       Understand how each pattern piece fits together to construct the garment in order to layout the pieces correctly.

b.      Ensure that the correct number and sizes of each pattern are laid out in accordance with the Cutting Ticket that will be provided by the Production Manager.

c.       Ensure layout is done in such a way as to optimise fabric usage.

2.      Layer the fabric.

a.       Ensure correct fabric is layered referring to the Production Order Card.

b.      Ensure the correct number of layers of fabric are layered referring to the Cutting Ticket.

c.       Quality check the fabric during layering, marking any fabric deficiencies.

3.      Mark the pattern pieces on the top layer.

a.       Again ensure correct number of pieces are laid out.

b.      Label each piece.

c.       Ensure pattern pieces are layered correctly according to the grain line.

4.      Cut the fabric.

a.       Ensure pieces are accurately cut.

b.      Properly mark cut pieces.

c.       Properly package cut pieces so that they are ready for production.

Job Specifications:

Math skills

Able to lift heavy roles of fabric

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