Call for Consultant -DPRP Preparation & DRR Capacity Building

Forum for Community Upliftment System Nepal (FOCUS-Nepal)
Location: Dhading
Salary:As Per Organization's Rule
Posted Date: 2020-03-13 Deadline: 2020-03-19
  • Location : Dhading
  • Qualification Degree : Master’s degree in DRR, Environmental Science/management or social sciences
  • Salary : As Per Organization's Rule
  • Category : Project
  • Nature : Contract
Job Description

Terms of Reference (TOR)

For the Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan (DPRP) and Disaster
Preparedness activities in Siddhalek Rural Municipality, Dhading

About Organization:

FOCUS-Nepal was established and registered in Dhading district in 2003 and affiliated with Social welfare council in the same year with the objective to promote the local community for saving credit, fund generation and mobilization in their own initiation, to help the disadvantaged, excluded communities, ethnic groups, women, Dalits to identify and mobilize their own capabilities and resources so that they could become self-reliant, to help community people on reproductive health, HIV & AIDS for secure life, to conduct social mobilization programme for the conservation of forest and environment and natural resource management, to mobilize local communities for community development and infrastructure (like; drinking water and sanitation, irrigation, school building and community building, rural road, rural electrification etc.) construction and improvement, to raise awareness of local community in health, education, human rights, women and children rights, gender and equitable development, social discrimination reduction, conflict resolution and peace building process, to implement income generation programs related to livestock, skill-based cottage industry, agriculture and forest and to build capacity of local community based organizations including natural resource management groups to take charge of their development.


FOCUS Nepal has been implementing a project “Sampanna- Resilient Nepal” with support of Christian Aid Nepal in Siddhalek Rural Municipality of Dhading District. This project focused on strengthening Community Resilience Through Diversification of Livelihood and Promoting Disaster Preparedness. Since Dhading was affected by mega earthquake 2015 and also prone to other natural disaster like landslide, forest fire and climate induced disasters and district also have high number of the vulnerable people who are marginalized, dalit and extremely poor; there is need of strengthening local capacity in preparedness.  The rural municipalities lack strong mechanism to widely share the knowledge and the information to the poor communities. More importantly, the vulnerable communities have not been able to reduce the impact of disasters, particularly women, children, elderly and disadvantaged persons to mitigate, prepare for, effectively respond and overcome the impact of multiple hazards in various parts of the country. Moreover, it is highly necessary to build the capacity of the vulnerable communities to prevent further the losses of human lives and physical properties in the time of disasters. Therefore; FOCUS Nepal has been working on awareness of disaster risk reduction and Climate Change Adaptation.


The major objective of the project is to facilitate and prepare the Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan(DPRP) and combinedly conduct simulation recommendation by LDCRP and DPRP of Siddhalek Rural Municipality of Dhading with facilitate DRR capacity building of DMC and youths. The specific objectives are as follows:

  • Enhance knowledge and skill of the community people, RM and ward representatives on basic concept of Disaster Risk Reduction, Emergency Preparedness and Response.
  • Strengthening DRR Capacity of local government which aligned with local government operation act 2074 article 11, National Policy for Disaster Risk Reduction and priority actions of Disaster Risk Reduction National Strategic Plan of Action 2018-2030.
  • Identify the hazards of Rural Municipality, vulnerable areas, risks and capacities of the Community to develop the DPRP.
  • Analyze the vulnerability based on the potential hazards of communities, risks and capacities of the community drawn through the use of participatory tools. 
  • Develop basic understanding to community on disaster risk management cycle,
  • Prepare Siddhalek Rural Municipality level Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan as per DPRP Guideline, 2067 revised 2076 version,
  • Conduct DPRP simulation

Scope of assignment:

Dhading was one of hardly hit district by 2015 Earthquake. The infrastructures and livelihood of community were severely affected.    After earthquake various part of district was also affected by several landslides. Along with other area Siddhalek Rural municipality was also  worst hit by earthquake as several  households are internally displaced, livestock loss, human injuries and infrastructure damage. Beside 2015 earthquake and landslide, fire and decreased productivity due to changed climatic condition are other disasters affecting community. Different organizations, local government worked on earthquake recovery with LDCRP prepared but there is very limited disaster preparedness action carried out till the date. Local elected bodies, communities and stakeholders need to improve their capacity with clear understanding and practice of disaster preparedness. Therefore, strengthening local capacity through preparing local preparedness and response plan, increased understanding and enhance capacity of local government aligned with 2074 article 11, National Policy for Disaster Risk Reduction and priority actions of Disaster Risk Reduction National Strategic Plan of Action 2018-2030 and simulation of DPRP prepared and LDCRP recommendations are important action to step up for overall DRR capacity enhancement. This process has better scope overall because this helps in mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change component into rural municipalities/municipalities development planning process. Along with DPRP and LDCRP in place, simulation, search and rescue training to local youths and DMC and school based DRR initiatives through Eco- DRR club will be effective in terms of future disaster preparedness and mitigation at community level. This project aims to prepare DPRP of municipality level covering all wards, capacity building through disaster management training in all wards and prepare a search and rescue team with support of search and rescue equipment.  The scope of the work entails undertaking a wide range of activities from review, analysis of various information impacting community resilience including consultative meetings with relevant actors while preparing and finalizing the Siddhalek Rural Municipality level Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan. 

Responsibilities and Deliverables of Consultant:

  • Municipal Level Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan (DPRP) preparation as per national guideline
  • Simulation of prepared DPRP and recommendations of LDCRP and handover to LDMC and municipality
  • Prepare Vulnerability Capacity Assessment mapping of all seven wards
  • Conduct search and rescue orientation at RM level 
  • Two days Interaction programme on Disaster Risk Management and preparedness based on local government operation act 2074 article 11, National Policy for Disaster Risk Reduction 2018, priority actions of Disaster Risk Reduction National Strategic Plan of Action 2018-2030 and Disaster Preparedness and Response PlanGuideline (DPRP)-2076 .
  • Conduct five orientations to five schools of RM and formation of Eco-DRR club and disseminate DRR message.
  • Prepare and install ward wise VCA/hazard informative boards in respective wards.
  • Submit final technical and financial report


Job Specification

Required Qualifications of Consulting firm:

  • Registered consulting firm with human resources who have high relevant experience in Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan and preparing Local Disaster and Climate Resilient Planning (LDCRP)
  • Consulting firm with team members having experience more than 6 years in Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Consulting firm with sound leadership and human resource management capacity
  • Coordination and collaborative capacity with district and municipal government and relevant stakeholders

Required Qualifications of Human Resource:

  • Team leader with master’s degree in DRR, Environmental Science/management or social sciences 
  • Team leader and members with experience, knowledge and technical capacity of preparing DPRP review of existing LDCRP/LDRMP, conducting vulnerability capacity assessment and its mapping and capable of facilitating trainings to community and stakeholders.
  • Team Leader with minimum 6 years of experience and team member with 4 years of experience Team leader and member with theoretical and practical knowledge and experience on CBDRR, local government operation act 2074 article 11, National Policy for Disaster Risk Reduction 2018 and Disaster Risk Reduction National Strategic Plan of Action 2018- 2030.

Methodology and Approach:

The consultant need to come up with methodology with interactive and participatory method. The tools and materials should be clearly described. The methodology and outcome need to be aligned properly as community will be in center of approach. Methodology need to be convincing with illustration that final outcome reach to most vulnerable targeted by the project.

Apply Instructions

Documents Required:

  • Letter having clear expression of interest
  • Technical proposal with methodology, objectives and work plan
  • Financial proposal with clear breakdown on required budget for activities and human resources
  • Curriculum vitae of proposed human resources
  • VAT registration, Consulting firm registration, tax clearance and renewable certificates.
  • Organizational/consulting firm profile

*Sample DPRP/LDCRPprepared by applicant is highly significant

Weightage based on criteria:



Weightage number 







Proposed Human Resources (Qualification and Experiences)




Concept, Methodology, work plan and innovation 




Annexure Documents








Lowest Cost Proposal




Budget most relevant/inline to technical proposal 




The proposal with low human resource cost than proposed activities



*Note: Documents of applicants who does not meet criteria will not be reviewed

Payment Procedure:

The payment will be on installment basis. 40% payment will be made after a week of agreement signed and 40% will be paid based on the evaluation of delivery of 90% work. Remaining 20% will be disbursed after submission of financial and technical report. All applicable taxes will be deducted as per Government of Nepal’s rules.

Contract Period: 25 March – August 25 (5 Months)

Application Deadline: 19 March 2020  

Application Address:


Nilkantha Urban Municipality-3, Dhading Besi, Dhading


Phone no: 010-521015

Similarly, submit hardcopy of the documents in the office of FOCUS Nepal, Nilkantha UM 3 Dhading Bensi Dhading.

*Note: We accept only hardcopy documents sealed in envelop. 


This Job is expired. The Company is no longer accepting applications for this position.

Industry Type NGO / INGO / Social Work
Location Dhading
Organization Size 20-50
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