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Civil Bank LTD:

Company Address:Classic Complex, Tindhara Road, Kamaladi, Kathmandu-31, P.O. Box: 9799
Company Nature:Bank
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Founded by promoters coming from a diverse professional backgrounds (such as real-estate, manufacturing, trading, financial industry) with a vision to become a most trusted bank by providing dedicated service to all the clients/customer through thick and thin, Civil Bank envisions in becoming a dominant player in the banking industry of Nepal and firmly believes in contributing to its economic growth by rendering services to, and empowering all classes and sectors of society. Civil Bank is a policy driven Bank which functions with the principle of "zero tolerance" in terms of compliances with all the regulations, policy, manuals/guidelines and prudential banking norms and always believes and functions with ethical business values. Driven by the customer centered philosophy, Civil Bank Limited always endeavors to provide essential banking services and access to finance to Nepali denizens from all strata across the country through the support of sophisticated technology. To ensure the quality and efficiency in the service delivery to its customer/clients, Bank has adopted the latest technology with a view to establish it as a technology driven Bank. The Bank steadfastly endeavors to create value for all stakeholders including its promoters and shareholders in its wholehearted attempts to become ‘the Bank’ of the people through sustainable earnings.


Civil Bank has now substantially grown to become a bigger institution in terms of capital, asset size and business volumes. With the completion of merger with former Axis Development Bank Limited and former Civil Merchant Bittiya Sanstha Limited, Civil Bank now figures in the Top Seven Banks in terms of paid-up capital out of 30 commercial Banks in Nepal. Similarly, the total Asset Size, Deposit Portfolio and Risk Assets Portfolio of the Bank have grown exponentially to NPR 27.52 Billion, NPR 21.23 Billion and NPR 19.44 Billion (as of May end, 2014) respectively during last 3 ½ years of operations. In a short span of time, the total strength of the Bank’s workforce has also increased significantly to exceed 400 and its network of branches have reached 41 which has enabled the Bank to meet the demands and financial/banking requirements of the customer across the country more efficiently. With an array of techno-tailored products and services supported with the state-of-the art technology, Civil Bank has placed itself as one of the leading Banks in terms of technology driven products and services. The Bank follows prudent practices to conform to the central bank’s directives while ensuring constant adherence to its values, culture and traditions ingrained since inception. The Bank has been moving forward through strategic growth while being socially responsible.

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